Weekly Quiz: Are ‘Swiss Binding’ and ‘Smyth Binding’ the Same Thing?

Answer: No!

First, “Swiss Binding” does not refer to how pages are bound together, but rather to the way the text block (already-bound printed pages) is fully glued to the inside back cover of the case that holds the book.

While you see Swiss Binding most often used in combination with Smyth Binding, you can also choose to Perfect Bind, Saddle Stitch or Side Sew the inside pages.

Smyth Binding, on the other hand, does refer to how pages are bound together.

Also known as “Smyth Sewn” or “Thread Bound,” this form of binding means it is sewn twice.

First, the folded, gathered and collated pages are sewn as one at the spine in individual signatures. Then, for extra durability and flexibility, these signatures are sewn together with thread.

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