Weekly Quiz: A Sheet With Different Colors on Each Side is…?

Answer: Duplex Laminated!

“Laminating,” “duplexing”: These 2 words are often used interchangeably. But most printers prefer to use the term “duplex lamination” or “duplexing” so clients do not confuse this process with the plastic protective coating that office supply stores offer.

No matter what you call it, this thick-to-super-thick paper effect is achieved by fusing 2 or more layers of paper together to achieve the desired thickness and quality.

Creative Options

The Classic – Classic, elegant and as thick as you’d like. Simply take 2 of the same cover sheets and ask your printer to duplex laminate them together. Simple.

Color and Texture – Kick it up a notch and use 1 color on the front of your card and a different color on the back. Or even better, use 2 different textures.

(PaperSpecs PRO members, be sure to check out your PRO Guide to Duplex Laminating!)


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