Free PaperSpecs Webinar: Give Yourself a Creative Edge with Augmented Reality

Give Yourself a Creative Edge with Augmented Reality
October 28, 2021
10 AM PT
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NEWS: In PaperSpecs’ upcoming webinar sponsored by Sylvamo, discover how to build a powerful, immersive augmented reality experience from the ground up.

Palo Alto, Calif. – September 29, 2021 – In just a few short years augmented reality (AR) has evolved from a promising new technology into a powerful tool for designers, marrying the tactile impact of print with the near-limitless potential of the digital world. But what exactly is augmented reality and how can designers introduce it into their marketing and packaging work for instant results?

On Oct. 28th, during the next free PaperSpecs webinar, Emilee Christianson and Mike Wilson of AR-experts Trekk will pull back the curtain to reveal how this often-misunderstood technology works, as well as how designers can use it to make themselves the go-to source for innovative augmented-reality campaigns.

“Frankly things have changed so much so quickly in AR, we need someone to help us keep up with what’s possible today,” observes PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz. “With the help of our good friends at Trekk, I think this webinar is really going to get designers excited about what they can do with this powerful technology.”

To demonstrate just how seamlessly augmented reality can be integrated into a marketing campaign, 25 lucky webinar attendees will receive an Apollo The Spacedog prize pack, including 2 children’s storybooks, a coloring book and a limited edition lunchbox, all intriguingly enhanced by AR.

Give Yourself a Creative Edge with Augmented Reality
October 28, 2021
10 AM PT
Registration Link:

In this free PaperSpecs webinar, designers will discover how to build a powerful, immersive augmented reality experience from the ground up, including:

  • What papers work best
  • Why the printed marker used is the key to a successful AR experience
  • What the latest AR developments are, including cutting edge “web AR”
  • How to choose the augmented reality experience that’s right for one’s clients

PaperSpecs webinars are developed to include inspiring real-world examples, highly useful and easily implemented tips, and cutting-edge perspectives from industry thought leaders. “Give Yourself a Creative Edge with Augmented Reality” is free for attendees thanks to the generous support of Sylvamo. Space is limited, though, so be sure to reserve your seat today for this special event at



About Emilee Christianson,
Director of Client Services, Trekk

Based in Orlando, Emilee works with clients to develop strategic marketing plans and craft measurable programs that span print, web, social, mobile and augmented reality. She leverages an expansive knowledge of marketing tactics and technologies to lead creative and technical teams and create communications programs that help marketers meet their business objectives. Emilee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing/International Business from The University of Alabama.

About Mike Wilson,
Creative Director, Trekk

An experienced designer, Mike is well-versed in package and booth design, corporate identity development, and creating collateral and campaigns across print, web and augmented reality. Managing a team of designers, Mike leverages his experience across industries and technologies to ensure client projects are not just beautiful but strategic, forward-thinking, and on brand. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University.

About Sylvamo

Sylvamo is a global producer of uncoated paper that believes in the promise of paper to educate, communicate and entertain. Recognizing that paper connects us to one another and is an enduring bond to renewable natural resources, the company’s purpose is to produce the paper you need in the most responsible and sustainable ways. Learn more at

About PaperSpecs

As an international print designer with more than 20 years experience, PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz believes that every graphic designer deserves access to the tools and resources needed to create printed pieces that wow their clients. That’s why she created, an innovative online hub that provides these, including in-depth videos about inspiring print projects and frequent virtual/hands-on “PaperSpecs Live” events. In addition, PaperSpecs PRO members also enjoy exclusive tips, webinars and instructional videos, as well as access to hard-to-find swatchbooks and promotions. Learn more at

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