Celebrity-Packed Interactive Cocktail Menu

Here’s my recipe for the perfect print cocktail. Start with one clear vision, add some eye-catching art, stir in an unexpected burst of interactivity, and garnish with just a pinch of out-and-out creative insanity. It’s a recipe that Rivington Bye and Boss Print (now PrintSmith) seem to have followed to the letter when crafting this delightfully off-the-wall cocktail menu for London’s Scarfes Bar…with a little help from Tupac Shakur, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and friends, of course.

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

Located just a stone’s throw from London’s Covent Garden, this jazz-fueled watering hole is a living tribute to the artwork of founder Gerald Scarfe, whose cartoons and illustrations have adorned everything from The New Yorker to the album and film for the Pink Floyd classic “The Wall.” When it came time to design this cocktails menu, designers Rivington Bye dreamed up a unique way to bring the musical-celebrity caricatures Scarfe supplied to glorious life. Based on the look of a Victorian toy theatre, the menu is both more and less complicated than it looks.

The creative team began by constructing a cartoon version of the bar itself inside a thin wood-ply slipcase wrapped in 160 gm (110 lb.) Fedrigoni Splendorgel.

Hold onto your hats, folks, because this is where it starts to get brilliant.

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

They then duplex laminated 9 digitally printed cocktail cards – 270 gm (180 lb.) Splendorgel – onto Black core board and subjected them to stunningly precise laser cuts. These were then stacked and inserted into the slipcase.

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

Each card contains a different cocktail type based on a genre of music, including Funk, Pop and Rock. Pulling the tab on any of these slides out the card to reveal not only the drinks on offer under “Pop,” let’s say, but it also slides “onstage” a Scarfe-drawn caricature of a famous artist from that genre – in this example, the Spice Girls. The level of detail involved here is simply breathtaking.

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

A combination of die and laser cutting were used to create the stage and cards, which were silk laminated for additional protection. Amazingly this whole magical arrangement is held together by just 4 Chicago screws that run through die cut grooves in the cards.

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Design - PaperSpecs

Boss Print has much to be proud of here considering the level of precision necessary to make this all come off without a hitch. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one wrong note could’ve left everyone…in a Funk 😉

Project Details

Title Scarfes Bar Interactive Menu Client Scarfes Bar Date March 2019 Design Rivington Bye Print Boss Print (now PrintSmith) Paper Slipcase: 160 gm (110 lb.) Fedrigoni Splendorgel (wrap);
Cards: 270 gm (180 lb.) Splendorgel duplex laminated onto Black core board

Production Details

Dimensions 250 mm x 190 mm x 40 mm (9.8” x 7.5” x 1.6”) Production Cost £5,000 (~$6,275) Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Digital (HP Indigo) Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Die cutting, laser cutting, duplex lamination, silk lamination, slipcase wrap
  1. Ulfras Floyd 3 years ago

    I really want to order one, but there’s no way to move on after entering your delivery address. It keeps saying “You must choose a delivery method before continuing” but there is no place to choose that delivery method! Please help! I have tried two different browsers, just in case that was the issue, and it is the same in both Safari and Chrome.

    • Author
      Aaron 3 years ago

      Hi Ulfras – We see what you mean; apologies for that. Rest assured that our PRO Concierge Susie is on the case and will reach out to you once she determines what we can do to help.

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