Invercote Lookbook

There are so many reasons to love this promo – yummy textures, surprising popouts, images that appear to be 3D, creative ideas you want to steal immediately.

Tucked inside an outer sleeve styled like a magazine butler are four folders. Each has its own theme: Fan, Spider, Feather and Snake that depicts a particular attribute.

In the largest folder, an amazing fan opens from a secret compartment inside the box-inspired construction. A multi-level embossed rattlesnake pops up at you from the next. The spider folder has three tipped-on flaps that you lift (is the spider under one of these?). My favorite folder contained three diecut, embossed feathers in distinct calipers so you can literally remove the feathers and feel the thickness of each.

Use of soft touch aqueous coating provides that luscious feel. Spot gloss varnishes have key design elements jumping off the paper. Highly saturated images and full-on ink coverage make the piece dramatic while also supporting the “no cracking” marketing message.

Invercote Lookbook was featured as a Paper Inspiration.








Project Details

Title Invercote Lookbook Client Self Date June 2012 Design Schindler Parent-Germany Print Structural Graphics Essex, CT Best Press Addison, TX Paper Iggesund Invercote Silk various weights

Production Details

Dimensions 10 x 10 x 1" Print Quantity 3,500 Production Time 2 months Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK


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