Break the Mold Packaging

How do you know when you’ve designed the perfect packaging? When your recipients can’t bring themselves to open it to get at the homemade chocolates inside because it’s simply too gorgeous to take apart. That’s just what Jess Glebe Design and C.R. Copywriting pulled off with their “Break the Mold” holiday client gift. It features four dark chocolates nestled in a box that looks as if it, too, might melt in your mouth given half a chance.

Break the Mold Packaging by Jess Glebe Design - PaperSpecs

Break the Mold Packaging by Jess Glebe Design - PaperSpecs

Wanting to craft a container that would reflect both the handmade quality of the confections within as well as the attention to detail provided by her design firm, Jess began with a readymade box featuring an intricate embossed pattern, and then wrapped it in a silky smooth Neenah SLIDE belly band bedecked with rose gold foil writing and exquisite design accents – all beautifully printed and applied by Fey Printing. (The affable “we can’t wait to see what we create together” message to her clients on the back, provided by Caitlin Riley’s C.R. Copywriting, hits just the right balance between deferential and fun.)

Had Jess left it there this piece would’ve already looked good enough to eat, but she went that extra chocolaty mile with a white centerpiece label card printed by MorningPrint on 14 pt./300 gsm uncoated stock. It’s a sweet symphony of glossy raised black ink (thermography) and more rose gold foil that seems to leap out at you once it’s affixed to the dark belly band. Inside the box, a card printed on the same paper features the cheeky opening “It’s a cheat day. Dig in,” and echoes foiled design accents from the band. Opening it reveals a short handwritten note from the creative duo.

Break the Mold Packaging by Jess Glebe Design - PaperSpecs

As a final personal touch, “LTD” (limited edition) wax seals were melted, poured, and stamped by Jess and Caitlin, and affixed to each box using double-sided artist’s tape. Each also added their signatures and other handwritten elements like the box number and “best by” date – “ASAP” 😉 – to the band.

Not only did this package “break the mold” for client gifts, it was honored with a special award from The Dieline and Neenah Packaging: “Best Use of Paper in a Packaging Project.” To quote from the copy on the back of the box: “The future looks pretty sweet”…and the present doesn’t look half bad, either. Now where’s that chocolate…. 😉 ?


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Project Details

Title Break the Mold Packaging Client Self Design Jess Glebe Design; Copywriting: Caitlin Riley, C.R. Print Fey Printing Wisconsin Rapids, WI MorningPrint, Inc. Irvine, CA Paper Neenah Slide Black 80 lb. Text; Arches Aquarelle 300 gsm

Production Details

Print Quantity Approximately 40 assembled, 100 printed Printing Method Thermography Finishing and Binding Foil stamp


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