Coven Vodka


This client’s handcrafted methods for creating its distilled spirits rely on an approach rooted in history. The creative team used that inspiration for the packaging then modernized it to tell a unique brand story.

Whether from fairy tales or scary movies, witches and covens evoke imagery and concepts that consumers instantly recognize on a deep level. The label employs this technique to grab our attention and encourage us to investigate further

Rather than a dark palette that you might expect for a coven theme, the designer chose white … and a lot of it. The reasoning becomes clear in the dark. Phosphorescent ink, laid down in two passes, fluoresces with the details of eerie characters. I can imagine the glow in a dark bar with patrons asking to see the unusual bottle.

For daytime appeal, shiny, satiny red foil stamping and a tiara-shaped diecut perfectly complement the red wax seal on the bottle. The look is fresh and clean and inviting.


Project Details

Title Coven Vodka Client Arbutus Distillery Date May 2013 Design Hired Guns Creative Print Okanagan Label & Print
Penticton, BC
Paper Fasson Estate Label No. 8 White

Production Details

Dimensions Front: 5.1026" × 7.2806"
Back: 4.5729" × 2.3144"
Print Quantity 300 (prototype) Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Offset Number of Colors Phosphorescent ink + red foil
+ black ink (on back label)
Finishing and Binding Diecut shape, embossed details


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