FAME Open House Invitation


Step right up folks… and see what a creative agency from Minneapolis looks like!

FAME designed its own open house invitation with a “Big Top” theme, and it’s as quirky and fun as you’d expect a night with the Ringling Brothers to be.

The invitation consisted of five 5” x 9.5” cards letterpress printed on chipboard – reminded me a bit of a gypsy’s taro cards. Ink color palette was brown and blue (the blue was printed over opaque white to keep it purely lovely).

The chipboard and the letterpress printing gave it a decidedly tactile feel. Vintage inspired type and illustrations definitely brought a circus/fair vibe, as did the copy, which was so fun to read I actually checked to be sure the cards hadn’t stuck together … hoping there was one more text vignette. Alas, no such luck for me.

This talented team is the main attraction and sideshow all rolled into one.

Project Details

Title FAME Open House Invitation Client FAME Date April 2010 Design Cheryl Meyr, Jillian Frey,
Julie Feyerer
Print Studio on Fire
Minneapolis, MN
Paper Chipboard

Production Details

Dimensions 5" x 9.5" Print Quantity 500 of 5 versions Production Time 1 week Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors Brown + Blue + White Opaque (underneath)


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