CINQ Partners Business Card

Lovers of business card designs are like the people who collect miniatures. There’s an appreciation, along with no small sense of wonder, at what can be done with something so small, the detail that can be wrought on such a tiny element.

This is the case with the CINQ Partners business card. Printed on Neenah Neutech 160 lb., the uncoated paper texture is sleekly smooth. Then you notice the feel of the blind embossed pattern under your fingers.

The eyes are now fully alert and searching. What is the pattern? What else could it be for a company named CINQ? The number “5” is laid in various directions creating a white-on-white weave of negative space.

In fact, after reviewing this card, I’m going to propose a test for potential clients. If at the moment you hand them your business card and they get it, then OK, you’ll do their creative work. And if you get no reaction or question whatsoever, well …






Project Details

Title CINQ Partners Business Card Date July 2010 Design Self Print Mandate Press Salt Lake City, Utah Paper 3.5 x 2"

Production Details

Print Quantity 300 Production Time One month Printing Method Letterpress Number of Colors One color Finishing and Binding Blind emboss


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