Harry Potter Certificate of Authenticity

Fellow Muggles will definitely wish they had the design and print powers shown on these Harry Potter Certificates of Authenticity.

The wizardry begins with the 65 lb. Skytone New White Cover. It’s a great choice. The texture of the paper creates the foundation for that “parchment” look and feel you’d expect to see in this kind of document.

Then the sorcerer’s wand really gets going: a background color complete with a hint of smudged fingerprints that suggests an aging process, a richly embossed border created from lovely swirls and dingbats, and old-world illustrations along with the famous Harry Potter logo that add the illusion of depth.

The magic for me though is the embossed red and clear foil stamp that replicates a wax-pressed stamp. It looks so real!

Both litho and digital print processes are used on this project. A perfect combination considering each certificate has its own unique authentication number. Any Hogwarts student would be proud of this project.

Harry Potter Certificate of Authenticity was featured as a Paper Inspiration.



Project Details

Title Harry Potter Certificate of Aunthenticity Client Cartamundi USA Date May 2012 Design Warner Bros. Entertainment Print BurdgeCooper
Los Angeles, CA
Paper Mohawk Skytone New White 65 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 8" x 10" Print Quantity 63,000 Production Time 1.5 months Printing Method lithography, digital Number of Colors CMYK + black Finishing and Binding Embossed border, embossed foil stamp (clear and red)

  1. Mary Klotz 7 years ago

    I was hoping to information regarding the licensing that such a product requires.

    • Aaron Berman 7 years ago

      Apologies but I’m afraid licensing information goes beyond what our website covers, Mary. Sorry we can’t be of more help on that front.

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