UCDA’s Designer on Silk Reincarnation

The spring 2012 issue of University and College Designers Association’s (UCDA) Designer magazine caught our eye for a couple of reasons.

First, it serves as a great print sample of the new silk finish of New Leaf Reincarnation paper. The design of the magazine has 4-color images, pages with plenty of white space, and others flooded with ink so you can really see how the paper performs.

The content is fascinating too … from what Dolly Parton teaches us about branding to the Combat Paper project that helps returning vets through therapeutic art, from a look at Shaun Usher’s online homage to quirky letterhead designs to Ilene Strizver’s article on typeface terminology, from the story of Marcie Carson’s new limited edition line of paper and gift goods to the heartwarming watercolor that reminds us we all need to take a break from time to time.

New Leaf Paper provided the paper for this awesome issue and is also providing free copies to PaperSpecs readers.

To get your sample of Spring 2012 Designer magazine, please email [email protected].


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