Trucard Matte's Bright White

TrucardShield those retinas because Tullis Russell has thrown its lot in with the “brighter is better” brigade: its new bright white shade is now standard across its whole matte-coated Trucard range – another option for those looking to make their packaging designs pop. This line of coated and uncoated solid bleached sulphate (SBS) boards is available in an extended range of weights from 200g/m2 to 500g/m2, according to the official murmurings.

Currently Trucard 1 matte bright white 330 gsm 17.1 pt. in roll format is the only Trucard product currently stocked in North America, but other varieties can be ordered from the mill with minimum order quantities.

PRO members, request your copy of the new ‘Flying Colours’ Trucard bright white shade brochure today! Not a member? Why not take PRO membership for a spin for 7 days absolutely free?




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