Bike Prints: The Forbidden City

Bike tire print: The Forbidden CityArtist Thomas Yang is at it again with his latest masterpiece, The Forbidden City, depicting that national treasure of mainland China. As before he has used tracks laid down by strategically placed bike tires to do it. And as before he’s limited the print run to just 100 copies…which have already sold out. (Rats!) You can, however, purchase an “artist’s proof” copy for $135, which are limited to 50-75 prints but not considered part of the 100-print run.

Each main (rather than artist’s proof) print is a 37.4-by-11.8-inch offset lithograph printed on recycled 220gsm Maple White paper. Previous bike-tire prints have included New York’s Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, and London’s Tower Bridge.

Bike tire print: The Forbidden CityBike tire print: The Forbidden City


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