Sexy Sustainability (Safe for Work)

Sustainability. It’s an important issue in the world of paper, but it isn’t the sexiest topic imaginable. Once you get beyond FSC and recycling, people’s eyes tend to glaze over.



Which is what makes “Cause and Effect: Visualizing Sustainability” so unique. Here’s the pitch:

The book showcases a wide range of original and relevant design approaches that raise awareness for a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. The international examples of campaigns, posters, brochures, digital media, interventions, and guerilla marketing featured in Cause and Effect inspire us and challenge us. They clearly describe far-reaching correlations and complex technical processes. They explain and motivate. Together they serve as an unparalleled presentation of the most significant, intelligent, and entertaining communication measures and proposed solutions for sustainability today.

And that’s all very well, but it’s the sheer imagination on display in this book that makes it worth a look – true paper inspiration. More spreads here.


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