Standing Out in a World of Standouts

scottwitter1With the Internet pumping millions of pieces of creativity into our homes and offices each year, some creatives have upped their game in a bid to get noticed.

Los Angeles photographer Scott Witter collaborated with his designer wife, Vanessa, to transform three of his most striking photos into a limited run of 15”-x-20” pop-art-style screen prints. In addition to signing and numbering each one for a collector’s-item feel, they kept the packaging fairly low key, Witter’s street-art style “SW” logo on the envelope being the only hint that something cool might be lurking inside.


Meanwhile, back in February, CNBC Social Media Producer Eli Langer posted a photo on Reddit of the unique calling card his friend Nick used in 2009 when he went job hunting.


For about $30, Nick created a large candy-bar wrapper with the brand name “Résumé Bar,” above the tag line “Credentials that will satisfy any organization’s appetite.” On the back, Nick proceeded to accentuate his strong points where nutritional information would normally be. “Leadership: 100%. Business Acumen….” You guessed it, 100%, etc. Under “Ingredients,” he included such hire-me-nows as “business analysis,” “brand management,” “social media marketing” and more.

Each wrapper contained an actual candy bar. The complete package Nick would either send to secure himself an interview, or use as something to leave behind so that he would stand out long after he left the building. Deliciously, he got the job.


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