PorcelainECO 30: Eco-kind & Coated

unisource_porcelaineco30_1White, elegant and begging to be touched – these are usually the qualities that come to mind when discussing porcelain. Presumably this is why Unisource settled on the name PorcelainECO 30 for its latest offering.

This double-coated, 90 bright sheet is:

  • PRO-swb-button3Made from 30% post-consumer fiber (10% in 60 lb. Text only)
  • High gloss
  • High stiffness and bulk guaranteed
  • FSC chain-of-custody certified

Choose from 60 lb., 70 lb., 80 lb. and 100 lb. Text; 80 lb., 100 lb. and 111 lb. Cover.

PaperSpecs PRO members, click here to get your copy of the PorcelainECO 30 swatchbook.


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