Nostalgia…for the Crappiest Paper Ever

If you are of a certain age, there is a paper that you can probably still feel between your fingers 30-plus years on. The printing was awful, the design as subtle as a sledgehammer.

But we nearly teared up when we came across an online treasure trove of these homely little school book club brochures. Within their pages you could snag yourself:

  • Stickers (Scratch n’ Sniff were the gold standard)
  • Books about growing up troubled
  • A lot of novels with the word “computer” in them
  • Posters of ridiculously cute animals doing ridiculously cute things.

book_club2Whether it was Scholastic, Arrow, Troll or Tab (there were probably others), the appearance of these forms in school had an almost Pavlovian response on some of us. And for some, this is where our love for paper began. Really.



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