New Moleskine Art Plus Collection

mole_125After years of fairly lackluster releases (mostly tied to movie and other media properties such as The Lord of the Rings), Moleskine this month debuts an impressive range of  25 notebooks that it’s dubbed the Art Plus Collection. Here are some highlights:

Sketch Album: With a nod to the ubiquity of Instagram, the 88-pages in this sketchbook are detachable, and perfectly square, eliminating the need to crop your masterpieces for upload.

Sketchbook and Japanese Album: Both feature paper that is “pigmented directly in the pulp” to ensure color stability. The latter is actually one long sheet of heavyweight paper folded into 60 accordion pages.

Watercolor Album: Features cold-pressed paper containing cotton, ensuring absorbency on both sides of the page.

Black Page Album: Includes 32 black pages and black endpapers, geared toward those who collect photographs and make collages.




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