Adding Motion to the ‘Motion Lotion’

lenticular1There’s nothing quite so refreshing in the world of design as an old technique being used in an exciting new way. And if it happens to solve a problem or two, all the better.

When Australian hair-care brand Kevin Murphy needed to get a full-size-bottle worth of information on travel-size bottles of shampoos and lotions, it turned to Sydney design studio Container for help. From the designer’s toolbox they pulled lenticular printing, that technique usually used to make two different images appear on a surface depending on the angle in which it’s viewed.

In the case of the Kevin Murphy project, designers attached a single lenticular label to each bottle. The viewer was then treated to four different sets of information as they changed the angle of their reading. Not only did this meet the client’s needs for getting the info out there, it also resulted in a truly eye-catching product. (The fact that one of the products was already called “Motion Lotion” was just icing on the cake.)




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