Cool Design: IKEA Cross-stitched Message


How do you convince consumers to sign up for your email blasts at a time when they are increasingly wary of the number of unsolicited messages already clogging up their inbox? If you’re IKEA, the home furnishings giant that prides itself on being quirky, you send your loyalty card holders in the UK an embroidered “email” through the post offering a £5 coupon if they sign up for your marketing emails.

As It’s Nice That describes it:

“The handcrafted artworks depict an email window sewn on to hessian fabric, with every detail from the social media logos in the footer to the browser buttons included. The effect of the process – sewing each “dot” of the image in a cross – even gives a pixelated effect.”

Challenged by IKEA to come up with a way to “send an email without an email address,” creative agency LIDA designed the 8-bit looking, cross-stitched missive and fantastic “You have one unread message” envelope, outsourcing production of the former to a Chinese production house. In all, some 40,000 of these are being sent to IKEA Family members throughout the month of October.

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  1. Flossie 6 years ago

    I spent a great deal of time to find something such as this

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