Have you SEEN! LEAN & GREEN Book?

Print CityThe PrintCity Alliance’s PRINT: SEEN! LEAN & GREEN industry reference book is now available in printed form.

Using the headline SEEN! LEAN & GREEN, PrintCity’s view of the future of print is that it will be an evolving mix of multiple scenarios for different market segments, economies and cultures. However, all of them will have a common need for a two-part strategy to optimize their success.

Firstly, print must be seen, it needs to stand in its own right and be valued as a functional media. This needs to be underpinned with a combined lean and green manufacturing strategy to ensure its profitability and sustainability.

To reflect this dual strategy PrintCity has chosen an innovative two-in-one format that combines two related books into a single revolving back-to-back printed book. The publication reflects the input from PrintCity members and associates, the Stuttgart Media University, FIPP, University of Swansea, and Print Power.

To order a copy in English or German languages, please visit www.printcity.de/shop.


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