Getting Enough Fruit?

fruit_125We’ve all been so busy trying to push our design skills, and the papers we use, to their very limits, it’s all gotten a bit, well, serious lately. Which is why A-Maze Paper’s “Juicy Mail” really tickled our fancy. Normally we come out in hives the moment anything too cutesy rears its little head, but these card-and-envelope sets didn’t set off our “kawai overload” alarm for some reason. That’s mostly because designer Bora Kim’s sets are far more clever than they initially let on. Here’s the idea.

Choose a set from four fruit themes: apple, banana, watermelon and orange. Write your note on the fruit card and seal it inside its respective envelope. When the recipient receives it, they “peel” it open in a way similar to that used to peel that particular fruit. The apple envelope comes apart the way an apple skin is peeled, the banana card is peeled one flap at a time a la a real banana – you get the picture. (Granted, the watermelon card requires a little more imagination, but still.)


They’re a bit on the expensive side – roughly $5.65 per card/envelope and ship from the UK – but these are also a bit more complicated than your standard notecards. Just think of them as “organic”…



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