Dribble-free Design

Though an increasing number of fonts and stock photos certainly help designers immensely, what we really need is a keyboard that can stand up to the remnants of all those lunches at the computer, and that Friday (cough) evening Merlot as we finish up that last-minute assignment.

Peering into our crumb-covered souls, Logitech recently unleashed the “Washable Keyboard K310,” a $40 keyboard that can be put under the tap whenever things get too, well, gross.

The letters and numbers on the keys are laser printed and UV coated, which means they should resist fading, while the keyboard itself can take a dunking in up to 11 inches of water. Strategically placed holes in the bottom allow for easy drying.

This could be hit or miss for the mouse and keyboard maker, depending on how comfortable we are with admitting to retailers that we’re this messy in the first place. The K310 is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users – presumably Mac people are too hygienic to be bothered.


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