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Sure we may be inundated with more media than we know what to do with, but movies continue to play an integral part in the lives of many, and continue to inspire print designs of every stripe. This week, we take a psychedelic look back at modern American film classics, endure an eye-pleasing alien invasion, and thumb through a luxurious film-related annual report – you bring the popcorn! (And for more Cool Designs of the Week, pop on over here.)

Psychedelic Stanley Kubrick Print Design

Stanley Kubrick is probably the greatest filmmaker America has ever produced, sharing with us a unique – and often terrifying – vision of life in these United States and beyond. The Italian twins who work under the name Van Orton Design have created a spellbinding pair of stained-glass-like art prints that pay homage to two of Kubrick’s best known films: “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Shining.” Simply stunning.

kubrick printskubrick prints


‘Night of the Creeps’ Print Design

The 1986 horror comedy “Night of the Creeps” had everything: bad ’80s fashions, gore, alien slug creatures that turn people into zombies, Tom Atkins, and the immortal exchange:

Detective: I got good news and bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here.

Girl: What’s the bad news?

Detective: They’re dead.

Kyle Crawford’s brilliant “Creepsters” 24″-x-18″ poster captures the spirit of this guilty pleasure beautifully. Printed on French Paper Co.’s Sweet Tooth Pop Tone White, it even glows in the dark…and in all honesty is more exciting than the film it celebrates.

night of the creeps poster


Coolidge Corner Theatre Annual Report Design

Nothing encourages us to catch up on our beauty sleep more than an annual report, but there are a few that take care of business in a particularly engaging way. Fore Design‘s 20-page “wide screen” report for 2014 features a high gloss varnish cover, full page photos of the theater’s interior, and stills from films featured that year. The delight is very much in the details here. Check out UnderConsideration’s writeup for more.

theater annual reporttheater annual reporttheater annual report


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