Close the Fridge, Chug-a-lug

beertone3Those inventive Beertone guys are at it again. Not content to merely offer Pantone-like guides to beer hues, they’ve now come up with a contest for the suds inclined.

The contest encourages the beer faithful to tweet six digits of their own devising with the hashtag “#CloseTheFridge.” Whoever’s 6-digit entry is chosen will be used to “lock” the fridge full of beer. That person wins a special Beertone bundle of goodies.

Those who then pay a visit to the fridge in person will try to open it by typing in a 6-digit code into a tablet computer. If one of them happens to pick the right code, they win the beer in the fridge. If no one picks the right code, the person who sent in the original code to lock the fridge wins the beer. (Whew, after explaining that we need a beer.)

While only those in Switzerland can actually win the beer, the Beertone folks have decided (in response to this very post, they inform us — thanks guys!) that people outside the country can win a Beertone prize pack. (So get tweeting a 6-digit number, using the hashtag #CloseTheFridge.)

And for everybody, the good news is that we might be seeing Beertone charts more readily available in North America come Christmas time. Considering how well-received the product has been by PaperSpecs readers, we now know what to get you all for the holidays. So be good for goodness sake 😉

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