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Business cardsCreativity continues to bubble over nicely in the realm of calling cards. This week: touchy-feely handmade handouts, foil-stamped titans of turquoise, and Clark Kent folds his own in a world left cruelly devoid of phone booths.


Oh, Hello Friend

In preparation for a stationery show, handmade goods/stationery blogger Danni rolled up her sleeves and got to work walking the talk by making her own business cards by hand. As CardObserver explains:

“She used miniature dried flowers found at a local florist, paper tape which has pre-printed whimsical quotes, business card blanks, a personalised stamp and labels which she was able to pint using a home ink jet printer. The end result is a set of cards which show a caring nature, attention to detail and a sense of creativity.”

Oh, Hello Friend business cards

Mild Whistle

Singapore agency Oddds whipped up some beautiful letterpress cards for Mild Whistle, balancing a calming turquoise shade with attention-grabbing gold foil.


Clark&Kent rejoices in its self-description as “the smallest ad agency in the world with headquarters in a phone booth in New York.” (Wait – there are still phone booths in the U.S.?!)

With a nod to their “headquarters,” as well as to the more obvious associations we have with Superman’s alter ego, they came up with a business card that folds into…a phone booth!



Clark&Kent phone booth business card


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