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photographers business card

For the sharp-eyed readers out there you weren’t mistaken, we didn’t do a Cool Cards post last week because, quite frankly, we didn’t see any cards that could live up to the name. (It happens.) Fortunately that’s not the case this time around. This week we enjoy a sweet ‘n clever card for husband and wife creatives; an edge painted, contemplative affair for a pair of photographers; and a screaming red letterpress monster with a penchant for f-bombs. (Previous Cool Cards of the Week can be found here.)

Husband and Wife Creatives Business Card

Mike’s an illustrator. Alma’s a designer. Together they offer a complete package of services, and are each other’s biggest boosters. So when they attended a design summit they came up with a single card that has Mike’s info on one side, and Alma’s on the other. At the bottom of each is an arrow and the words “Check out my better half.” And it’s letterpress! Alma knows what you’re going to say:

“I had shown my concept to other designers to get feedback and all the feedback was ‘You can’t do double-sided letterpress,’ or ‘The details are too fine for letterpress.’”

Fortunately Rowley Press proved both these theories wrong. A clever idea brilliantly executed.

mike and alma business card


Photographers’ Business Card

There is something that just screams “quality” about Belinda Love Lee’s design for these cards for Yaroslav & Jenny Photography. Printed on 600gsm cotton textured paper with all details debossed, they were then edge painted for that extra touch of class.

photographers business cardphotographers business card2


Designer’s Business Card

Orlando designer Joshua M. Smith, aka Hydro74, is no shrinking violet. Passionate about his illustration and typography, his designs leap off the page – and that goes double for his letterpress printed business cards. Currently used for custom pin holders, these bad boys are, as he points out on his Instagram feed, “probably the only business card that just says Hydro74, ‘Google the fucking rest.'” We think you could say the same for just the last four words, Joshua.

hydro74 business card2hydro74 business card3


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