Weekly Quiz: When Embossing Looks This Good it’s Called…?

Answer: Sculptured Embossing!

Embossing is often referred to as the 3rd dimension in your design, and in this case who would disagree? Raising type or an image within your design adds texture by creating shadow and depth, adding allure to your brochures, letterheads and business cards.

There are 3 levels of embossing available to you: single-level, multi-level and, as seen above, sculptured embossing.

A sculptured emboss – and die that is required to make it – is the most expensive because the process includes several production steps.

This often hand-tooled die, usually made of brass, embosses many levels through the use of curves, angles and varying depths, which create many interesting shadows and highlights. This kind of die would be perfect to showcase the intricacy in the image of a rose or, in this case, a horse’s head.

  1. Sandra Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Printing image beyond the crop lines…

  2. Grace Hill 7 days ago

    China. It is Chinese stitch binding or stab binding. I have used it on my handmade books.

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