Laser Cutting + Laser Engraving Sampler

Must Have: LCI Paper Co.

Want to add instant elegance to your next invitation, brochure or other printed material without breaking the bank, even on small print runs? Then you definitely want to check out the laser cutting and laser engraving services provided by LCI Paper Co. 

Unlike traditional die cutting, which requires you to invest in the making of a die, laser cutting can shape paper into any custom form using nothing more than your design file.

No matter how intricate your vision, you can be sure of enjoying breathtaking results. You can also use laser engraving to etch any design on the surface of your paper, too.

Whether you’re creating prototypes or simply need an eye-catching project turned around quickly – these services have you covered.

In the Laser Cutting + Laser Engraving Sampler, you’ll find one of each card:

  • Arch
  • Circle
  • Side Wave
  • Custom Laser Cut and Laser Engraved


Enter to win 1 of 200 Laser Cutting + Laser Engraving Samplers right now! Hurry, this contest ends Sept. 28th. (United States entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]


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