Kállas Epicurean Honey Collection Packaging

For printing companies, client gifts are a wonderful way to not only remind customers of their capabilities, but also to inspire them creatively, too. For several years now, our friends at Metropolitan Fine Printers (MET) [projects / website] have been producing simple-but-elegant packaging for home-grown culinary products that emphasize the old-world standards of quality the company derives from the Kállas family who own it.

In years past they’ve focused on olive oil. Last year, however, they changed their focus to honey grown by a friend of the family: a Greek beekeeper. The result is as smart as it is sweet. And as sweet as it is sustainable.

From the very first glance of this piece, designed by Zacharko Design and produced by MET, you already know you’re in for something special. The distinctive honeycomb deboss pattern that covers the top and 2 sides of the telescoping lid not only introduces a finger-pleasing haptic element to the packaging, but Clear Foil applied to each hexagonal deboss further enhances its visual appeal as well.

The Kraft paper wrapped 100 pt. binders board also emphasizes the natural, sustainable product inside. On either end, the MET and “Kállas Family Epicurean Collection” logos are rendered in White Foil.

Lifting the lid reveals 3 honey jars nestled in a bed of fluted material thanks to 3 spaces that have been die cut in the shape of – you guessed it – a honeycomb. This theme continues with the jar labels – 80 lb. Neenah Cotton Letterpress Text Pearl White – which feature a laser-cut honeycomb pattern as well as hot foil stamping and contrasting letterpress printing.

The letterpress printing on each label also uses one of the 3 PMS colors from the box lid representing the 3 different honey varieties: Eriki, Thyme and Flower. A slender matching label, also color-coordinated, runs from the side of the jar to the lid, acting as a seal.

A moody-yet-colorful brochure, digitally printed CMYK on 80 lb. Mohawk Options Vellum Text PC White, comes alive with vibrant photos of the natural surroundings in which the bees produce their honey. The same 3 colors are repeated again here in the color-coordinated text.

From its smart use of color to its clear expression of environmental concerns – both in the materials from which it’s made as well as the natural product inside – this is a gift that tells clients that they are in good hands. In one unique package the printer emphasizes that though they can produce a stylish piece, they are equally obsessed with substance, too. Now that’s a sweet combination.

Singer-sewn binding with contrasting thread gave the honey brochure a handmade look perfectly in keeping with this packaging. It just goes to show that whatever message you’re trying to get across with your project, there’s a binding option that will help you do it.

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Project Details

Title Kállas Epicurean Honey Collection Packaging Client Self Date June 2022

 Design Zacharko Design Print Metropolitan Fine Printers (MET) Paper Box: Binders Boards Wrapped with Kraft Paper
Labels: Neenah Cotton Letterpress 80 lb. Text Pearl White
Brochure: Mohawk Options Vellum 80 lb. Text PC White

Production Details

Print Quantity 500 sets 
 Printing Method Box + Labels: Letterpress
Brochure: Digital
Finishing and Binding Hot foil stamping, Debossing, Laser Cutting, Die cutting

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