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What’s the best way to promote a stencil-like typeface? With a stencil-like specimen book, naturally! Foundry Nootype‘s book devoted to its Devinyl font – actually to just one of the 8 styles in this family: stencil – is an inspired meeting between topic and technique. We can’t recall the last time we saw die cutting used so extensively nor so effectively.


The urge to use any of a number of these pages as real-world stencils is overwhelming; our inner street artist certainly sat up and took notice.


The Arjowiggins Curious Skin and Curious Matter pages enhance the haptic experience of an already eminently tactile publication. (Note: Arjowiggins’ Curious Collection is distributed in the U.S. by Mohawk.)


If there’s a disappointment in all this it is only that they produced but 20 copies, making this book an instant collector’s item.

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Project Details

Title Devinyl Book Client Self Design Nootype; Nico Inosanto Print idm 444 Paper Paper cover: Black 300g/m²; Intern: Curious Skin Black 135g/m²; Curious Skin White 135g/m²; Curious Matter Black Truffle 135g/m²

Production Details

Print Quantity 20 Number of Colors 2


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