2014 BAFTA Campaign


One of the production highlights is the ticket wallet. It’s the printed product that holds the whole campaign together through holding the tickets perfectly and also correlating with the brochure. Another highlight was the final result of the gold inks on the coloured paper tickets. It tok quite a lot of work from both the design and production teams to ensure the inks and paper work perfectly together and gave the desired effect.

– Hannah El-Boghdady

Designing for events as large as the British Academy of Film Awards (BAFTA) requires skills and talents so diverse that it’s much like directing a film … or building an entire city from the ground up.

Leading the 2014 creative team, Human After All was charged with building awareness and excitement, making the night feel as big as the Oscars, creating a magical experience for those attending, and encouraging everyone else to tune in. Two of the printed elements in their impressive campaign deserve special recognition.

First, the ticket “wallet” with its double-gatefold format worked beautifully – elegant and tidy. The uncoated paper (in deep, rich colors) printed with gold ink and foil stamping gives this piece a dramatic look and expensive feel.

Second is the brochure. Five different front covers (wonderful illustrations by La Boca) represent the five nominated films. Each cover correlates with the event theme (Cinemmersive) while having its own strong identity. The logo also pairs well with the theme, giving the viewer a sense of the power of movies to transport that tiny human into the world of cinema.

Combining paper finishes in the brochure worked to give not only textural variety, but a really memorable emotional quality too. A stunning photo essay by Andy Gotts on coated and a mesmerizing image of Dame Helen Mirren on uncoated were reproduced with such craft by Team Impression that I felt as though I was there.

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Project Details

Title 2014 BAFTA Film Awards Campaign Client British Academy of Film Awards (BAFTA) Date February 2014 Design Human After All La Boca Print Team Impression Leeds, UK Paper Arctic Munken Polar 240, 150gsm; Howard Smith Regency Gloss 130gsm; GF Smith Colorplan Ebony Black, Bright White,
Royal Blue, Scarlet 270gsm and
Factory Yellow, Turquoise 175gsm

Production Details

Dimensions Brochure 240 x 170mm
Ticket Wallets 148 x 85mm
Tickets 140 x 80mm
Car passes 280 x 80mm
Page Count 132 Print Quantity 2,500 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK + black + 2 golds
(871 + 8641)
Finishing and Binding Foil stamp


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