Emergency ‘Everyday Card Kit’

No matter how on top of things you are, there are occasionally those birthdays or other events that sneak up on you, catching you completely by surprise. Knowing this phenomenon all too well, the sympathetic souls at Rohner Press partnered with Mohawk to produce the Emergency “Everyday Card Kit” – an eye-catching box packed with an assortment of 8 fun greeting cards (and envelopes) covering a wide range of situations.

The company, eager to promote their ability to produce eye-catching packaging, set about creating a promotional piece to be given away at an event they held in partnership with Mohawk. “We knew we wanted some sort of die-cut/assembled box or enclosure,” reveals founder Bruno Rohner. “We also wanted the promo piece to be something truly usable – beyond being just a pretty design piece that the recipient might put on the shelf, or toss afterwards.”

Emergency ‘Everyday Card Kit’ - PaperSpecs

No danger of that here. Rohner outdid themselves, designing and printing a package that instantly charms thanks to the clever way it resembles a first aid kit. Centered between the silver foil stamped words “Everyday” and “Card Kit,” the traditional first-aid cross in this case is actually a die cut, the white filled in from behind by the back of a card that features the project’s production notes.

“Open in case of (card) emergency,” it advises in foil on the back, adding instructions for use in the calm, you-can-do-this style of first aid kits everywhere: “Open box. Select card. (Make sure occasion is appropriate.)…” The phrases “Keep this kit handy” and “Every day use” are also foil stamped on the sides of the box.

Emergency ‘Everyday Card Kit’ - PaperSpecs

The vivid red of the package is just a taste of the colorful delights inside. Everything, it turns out, was printed on a different sheet from Mohawk’s new Keaykolour papers  – a line that offers 43 different hues in all.

Eight of those colors are on display inside this box in the form of cards crafted by several Chicago designers. Foil stamping and letterpress printing come together with playful illustrations to ensure that whether you’re wishing someone a happy birthday or apologizing for a personal misstep, you’ll look stylish whilst doing so.

The emergency “Everyday Card Kit” is a fantastic example of what you can achieve with the right paper and a clear artistic vision.

Emergency ‘Everyday Card Kit’ - PaperSpecs

Project Details

Title Emergency ‘Everyday Card Kit’ Client Self Design Box and layout: Rohner Press Cards: Blanco Siniestro, Isabel Bogarin, Samantha Kachel, Nikkita.Co, OrangeBeautiful Print Rohner Press Chicago Paper Mohawk Keaykolour (assorted stocks)

Production Details

Dimensions Box: 5 3⁄4” x 4 1⁄2” x 3⁄4”; Cards: 4 1⁄4” x 5 1⁄2” Page Count 8 folded cards w/ envelopes Print Quantity 250 Production Time 3 weeks Printing Method Letterpress, digital (card colophons) Finishing and Binding Foil stamping, duplexing, die cutting, box conversion

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