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As much as I adore celery and peanut butter, a gastronomic pairing of virtue and vice, I must confess to a secret desire for Celery and chocolate – what a delicious graphic inspiration.

“Chocolatl embodies everything we love in food (and design); healthy, great quality and tasty delicious. It’s a blend of raw chocolate and other superfoods inspired by the ancient healing and ceremonial uses of chocolate in Mayan and Aztec cultures. Celery developed the brand and a unique package (as far as we know it’s the only chocolate box in the shape of a Mayan temple),” says Suzanne at Celery Design.

The gods must also be smiling on the no-holds-barred eco solution this package offers up: 100% recycled paperboard box, compostable inner biopolymer bag, no glue, efficiently laid out on the press sheet, and it’s reversible for reuse as a gift box!

A miracle? No, just a heavenly concoction of great design, superb paper choice and raw chocolate.

Project Details

Title Chocolatl Packaging Client Chocolatl Date October 2009 Design Alice Chau, Brian Dougherty, Rod DeWeese Print The Graphics Resource Paper Chip is 100 % recycled, 30% post consumer

Production Details


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