Marc Friedland Singer-Sewn ‘Felt’ Promos

Having designed invitations, event branding and more for clients from the Oscars to Oprah Winfrey, designer Marc Friedland has always concentrated on creating personal connections between sender and recipient. As you can see in these two stylish self-promotions for Marc Friedland Couture Communications, he does this through his studio’s own unique blend of high-quality materials and design, as well as tactile engagement – all to create an exciting experience that is always “on brand.”

Let’s start with this stunning postcard that is sent to clients, current and potential, inside a clear cellophane wrapper. It features a Green felt front – the studio’s signature color – that’s been screen printed with the words “heart felt thanks!,” elegantly framed by White Singer-sewn stitching. The felt is mounted onto a 120 lb. Cover Mohawk Superfine Digital sheet which gives the piece an appealing sturdiness.

Note the tongue in cheek  “Marc the Moment,” which picks up on the signature Green . (The elegance here lies in the details. Note, for instance, the white thread lines that give the impression that the Singer-sewing holds both substrates together.) Right away I cannot help but unwrap the piece and run my fingers over it.

Part 2 in this series of self-promotions is this Green felt pouch screen printed with the words “remember how you felt.” (There’s that word again.) Once more the edges are Singer-sewn, this time affixing the front to a Gray backing.

Inside, a colorful 12-page, digitally printed CMYK brochure on 110 lb. Cover semi-gloss coated stock features some of the studio’s creations in rich, imaginative photographs opposite colorful backgrounds and minimal text. “Feeling comes first” the cover proudly proclaims. Several additional loose cards provide further examples of the design studio’s impressive work.

By this time, you see that the repeated use of the word “felt” hasn’t simply been a play on words regarding the materials used, but rather a way of getting across the studio’s guiding principle: Everything it creates is aimed at resonating with people on an emotional level…and the haptic experience they provide in their promotional materials is a big part of that.

By paying close attention to the details and staying stubbornly on message, these pieces are certain to have made their recipients felt seen, too.


Project Details

Title Marc Friedland ‘Felt’ Self-Promos Client Self Date 2019-2020 Design Marc Friedland Couture Communications, Marc Friedland (Creative Director),
Marc Friedland Couture Communications Team (Design, Copy, Photography)
Print Various Paper Postcard: Mohawk Superfine Digital 120 lb. Cover
Brochures: Semi-gloss coated 110 lb. Cover

Production Details

Dimensions Postcard: 8” x 10”
Felt Portfolios: 14.5” x 7.25”
Print Quantity 1,000
 Production Time 6-8 weeks Printing Method Digital, screen printing Finishing and Binding Hand-stitching, die cutting, foil stamping, hand assembly

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