Comtesse du Barry Advent Calendar

When you specialize in supplying the world with high-end delicacies like foie gras, smoked salmon and caviar from the southwest of France, your clientele expects a certain sophistication, particularly around the holidays. Last year, to help lovers of fine food everywhere count down the days until Christmas, the gourmet house Comtesse du Barry released an advent calendar like no other.

Comtesse du Barry Advent Calendar - PaperSpecs

Through a clever use of folding, foil and perforations, Paris’ Agence 2S skillfully wedded a stylish, up-market look with interactivity designed to enchant the child in everyone.

As the designers explain:

“In 2017, Comtesse du Barry immersed itself in the wonderful world of origami. This theme corresponds to its traditional inheritance and its two fundamental values: gastronomy and aristocracy. Originally, origami were made with quality materials by aristocrats who wished to present gifts that would show their benevolence to their addressee.”

Comtesse du Barry Advent Calendar - PaperSpecs

While generations brought up on paper swans may quibble over whether this qualifies as true origami, there’s no denying the precision and attention to detail that went into crafting a package that folds so neatly into a rectangular box, nor the impression it leaves on those who encounter it.

Coming as it does during the Christmas season, it puts one in mind of those complicated play sets and Barbie holders from childhoods past. The word “dazzling” gets thrown around a lot these days, but with two metallized Pantone colors, glossy UV AND foil, you really can’t help but be dazzled by this.

Comtesse du Barry Advent Calendar - PaperSpecs

And in keeping with the patterns printed and foil applied to the box, there are also triangular perforations – one for nearly every day in December – just waiting to be opened by eager fingers. Behind each, mouth-watering Comtesse du Barry confections await you, from chocolates and toffees to fruit jellies and nougats, sure to whet anyone’s appetite for the approaching holiday.

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Project Details

Title Comtesse du Barry Advent Calendar Client Comtesse du Barry Design Agence 2S Print Sonepro Paris Paper 500 gsm white classic paperboard

Production Details

Print Quantity 1,500 Production Time 2 Weeks Number of Colors 2 metallized Pantone (P8920 and P10395), blue Pantone P5395, 1 gold ink API + 1 shiny UV Finishing and Binding Foil, perforation


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