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The right piece of jewelry can be intriguing, alluring, tantalizing and compelling. In this exclusive PaperSpecs and Neenah Paper video, Prado Studio’s Marilyn Prado-Test shares how a pendant was the inspiration for a line of Marie Todd packaging that exhibited those same qualities while epitomizing beauty for a luxury market.


When jewelry retailer Marie Todd sought to sell candles and home fragrance products to a luxury market, the initial packaging wasn’t giving them the results they wanted. So they turned to Prado Studio to rebrand their identity and reboot their sales.

A piece of jewelry was the inspiration for the packaging’s design. A pendant from Marie Todd’s jewelry collection epitomized beauty, and was a keepsake designed to last an eternity. Those were some of the same values Prado Studio wanted the packaging to convey.


Traditional boxes wrapped with Neenah Paper’s linen line created the elegance and refinement they were looking for. The packaging “needed a lot of texture and something that definitely embodies what the company is all about,” says Prado-Test.

Design techniques such as foiling and embossing created the desired effect. In fact, the detailed nature of the foil was particularly one-of-a-kind. “I have not done packaging this intricate with foil,” Prado-Test admits.

The result was a line of packaging that lives up to the high standards of a classic gem. It’s beautiful, it’s luxurious – and like Marie Todd’s pendant — it’s timeless.

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