Who Wooden Love these Cards?

nissiwood1Sometimes getting your expertly designed cards and letters to stand out from the rest requires thinking beyond typography and the bounds of InDesign.

Nissiwood Veneers in Kerala, India crafts everything from business cards, postcards, envelopes and even swipe cards from any of 15 different species of thin, reinforced wood veneers. (Even mahogany!)

Options include screen printing (up to two colors), digital multicolor printing, foil embossing and laser engraving, with results that will instantly set creatives’ minds buzzing with possibilities. As usual, there are one or two nagging doubts about it all – for instance, how would a postcard stand up to its journey through the postal system?


Still, at a time when USPS discounts have direct-mail company Valassis ready to increase the volume of offers in the average mailbox, printable wood veneers offer an intriguing way to make your own masterpieces practically squeal “read me” (or “whittle me”).


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