Paper USB Could Change Everything

No matter how much technology pretends it can get along just fine without paper, it can’t help itself – it always comes crawling back.

The latest: a USB drive embedded in a thick card. Already Spokane, Wash.’s intelliPaper has used its proprietary technology to include a multipage college brochure in a single-piece mailer. The recipient simply tears off the narrow strip that contains the chip, folds it once, and inserts it into the USB drive of their computer. The chip also works with any near-field-communication-enabled tablet or smartphone. Files are added and removed as easily as with any other USB drive.

Consisting of three layers of common paper and a silicon chip all laminated together, this “smart” paper has exciting potential for a host of paper applications, including:

  • Business cards that contain contact info and a great deal more
  • Wedding invitations featuring videos of the happy couple
  • Sample songs on band flyers


  1. Keaton 7 years ago

    Are these available for order currently?

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