Latest Paper-Digital Flirtations

Quo Vadis ME JournalsLike a feisty shop clerk who refuses to acknowledge your “No thanks, just looking,” the tech industry continues to insist on pairing our humble bits of paper with the Web, the Cloud, and the What Have You So Long as it’s Digital. Here are a couple of the latest shotgun weddings.

Quo Vadis ME Journals

For about $15, you can have a Moleskine-like journal with a little something extra: a different programmable QR code for every page. Jot down the day’s events on P. 8, for example, and then use the free ME Journal Android or iOS app to link photos, videos, audio recordings, documents, Web links – up to 50 MB of data – to that page. Scan that page’s QR code 20 years from now and see all of the data related to that day. (Provided, of course, we’re still using QR codes…)

Quo Vadis ME Journal


Post-it Notes’ Post-it Plus App

Use this handy app to photograph up to 50 paper Post-it Notes at once using your smartphone, and then sort them by category (e.g., “Ideas for the Harrison Account”). You can then share them online with other people you’re working with, and even export them to PowerPoint, Dropbox, Excel and other applications.

Post-it Plus app



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