Midland Launch's Quick Jet Program

midlandThe high-speed continuous inkjet press market (including HP’s Inkjet Web Presses) will be getting some new options courtesy of Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies. The company will be launching its Quick Jet Program at DSCOOP9 next month.

Quick Jet will feature premium papers from Mondi, Glatfelter, Mitsubishi, Appleton Coated, Domtar, Finch, International Paper, Flambeau River, Resolute, Cascades and others.

“By all accounts, high-speed continuous inkjet is going to be a huge driver of digital pages over the next 10 years – Midland is positioning itself to be the leader in North America in serving this important market” said Mike Ratcliff, vice president and general manager of Midland’s Specialty Paper & Film Division, in a press release.

(We should say at this point that the Quick Jet Program is actually written as “Quick Jet! Program,” but PaperSpecs stubbornly refuses to print extraneous punctuation marks and odd capitalizations. Join the fight, people. Only you can help prevent our language from looking like a 1920s-style rANsoM! note.)



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