Brand New Conference Program

2014 Brand New Conference ProgramWe were fortunate enough to attend this year’s Brand New Conference and to meet Bryony Gomez-Palacio, co-founder of that conference’s host company, UnderConsideration. And as you would expect of any event hosted by UnderConsideration, absolutely everything connected with the Brand New Conference was a wonder of design, from the name tags to this, the official program. It is nothing short of breathtaking, and a model for all event guides in this industry. 


Rather than trying to describe these beauties third-hand, we’re simply going to turn it over to UnderConsideration here:

“For this year’s Brand New Conference program we went the full [Neenah] Plike, with not one but two different colors for the cover, layering a red ‘half’ cover on top of a black full cover….The black cover has the pattern we developed for the identity and the red cover ‘completes’ the pattern with a sticker that has the remainder of the logo for each line. The stickers were placed by hand by our volunteers on the day before the event. We had the good fortune of working with Classic in Chicago, one of our favorite printers, who nailed this without a hitch.”

We would only add that the paper used on the inside is Neenah’s CLASSIC CREST smooth 80 lb. Text Avalanche White.

More pictures here, where you can also purchase a copy for $10. 

2014 Brand New Conference Program2014 Brand New Conference Program2014 Brand New Conference Program2014 Brand New Conference Program


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