21st Century (Chocolate) Stamps

chocolatestamp1In very unique cases, design can be so good you can practically taste it. And when it comes to a collection of stamps released March 25th by the Belgian postal service, you can get rid of that word “practically.”

These 500,000 stamps in five unique designs play up the nation’s deep, rich, gooey chocolate heritage by smelling of the addictive confection, an olfactory experience further amplified by a glossy coating that makes sure that it tickles the nose particularly strongly. And with the cocoa-oil infused adhesive on the back of each stamp, you don’t have to lick them, but you’ll get a burst of chocolate flavor if you do.



What may at first seem like a shameless appeal to the world’s abiding love for chocolate is actually just one of several projects planned by a post office that’s pushing the boundaries of printing technology, according to The Telegraph. Coming up: a series of stamps made with glow-in-the-dark ink to highlight road safety, and five stamps printed with heat-sensitive ink to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Belgium’s Royal Meteorological Institute – touch them with your finger to reveal a hidden pattern underneath.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service is struggling to hang on to Saturday delivery…



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