Accent Opaque Warm White Promo

Must Have: Sylvamo

With winter approaching, it comes as no surprise that many of your clients are looking for warmer colors to include in their marketing and other materials. The secret to bringing out those warm colors? Printing your work on Accent Opaque Warm White paper from Sylvamo! From 60 lb. and 80 lb. Text to 65 lb. to 100 lb. Cover, you’re certain to find the sheet that’s just right for your work.

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As this warm and inviting tri-fold promo demonstrates, Accent Opaque Warm White not only reflects more Reds and Oranges (by absorbing Blue and Green light), but it’s also better at capturing natural skin tones compared to sheets on the higher end of the whiteness scale. And as you can see, it also makes reading Black text easier, too.

Ready to see for yourself just how much warmer your colors can look on Warm White? Request your copy of Sylvamo’s Accent Opaque Warm White promo right now! Hurry, this offer ends Nov. 10th! (North American requests only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]





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