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Imagine someone having your creative back.
Providing you with hands-on tools, up-and-coming trends,
insights and resources to keep your creative momentum
going and going…

There’s never been a better time to band together with others who are on the same creative wavelength as you. Join hundreds of fellow designers, and enjoy the insights, support, swatchbooks and promotions you need to create compelling printed pieces!

…plus a supportive and smart community to help you along the way.


Being able to touch and feel a paper before you spec it is crucial. But chances are more than 50% of the swatchbooks on your shelf are outdated. Not to worry, we’ve got your back.

Your PRO membership includes access to the latest swatchbooks and hot off the presses promotions from over 60 companies. From the well-known mills you’ve come to know and trust, to boutique and specialty paper lines. Our mission is to ensure you know what’s hot, new and trending, and you get samples in hand ASAP.


As a graphic designer you are wearing one too many hats – but you don’t have to go it alone.
Get clarity, community, and all the support you need for each season of your print design journey. Whether you’re relatively new to print or a seasoned pro. Whether you have paper or print related questions.

Your membership includes access to our

  • PRO Concierge who is standing by to answer your printing and paper questions
  • Exclusive PRO member Facebook group where you can connect with your fellow PRO members

You’ve got an army of print designers who have great advice, tips and solutions, and who want to help you create the most compelling printed pieces!

Insights You Can’t Get
Anywhere Else.

Being a graphic designer is an ongoing journey, not a one-and-done process. Because your clients will likely change, and paper and print technologies evolve, you need resources and support as you start new projects.

You’ll also get access to a massive library of over 300 hours of written and recorded content, exclusive to our PRO members.

Explore new techniques or jump in for a refresher as you go.


Exclusive Live Events

For greater creative success, surround yourself with like-minded creatives as we explore new technologies, or go behind the scenes of a stunning print project in one of our regular members-only Deep Dive sessions.

Attend your favorite mini design conference: PaperSpecs Live [unboxed]. 3 hours of hands-on paper, print and design inspiration that will help you supercharge your print projects – including a special pre-shipped sample box.

There is nothing as invigorating as surrounding yourself with like-minded creatives.

Here Is What You’ll Get With Your PRO Membership

  • Access to free swatchbooks and promotions from over 60 companies
  • The most supportive community there is – a place where you can ask questions, get feedback, and make lasting friendships
  • Regular members-only Deep Dive sessions going deep on a specific topic or behind the scenes of inspiring print projects with industry experts
  • Insights and resources, over 300 hours of written and recorded content exclusive to our PRO members
  • PRO Concierge standing by to answer your printing and paper questions
  • Free access to PaperSpecs Live [unboxed] events including your special sample box (a $100 value)

Here’s What our Members Think of Their PRO Membership

Hi, I’m Sabine.

An award winning graphic designer with more than 20 years experience working in Germany, Australia and the US, I am passionate about paper and print – and great design of course – and want to share this passion and my knowledge with other designers and brand owners.

I have experienced first-hand the gap that exists between what designers know – what you and I learned – about paper and print and what is actually possible when you look at paper trends and advances in print technology today.

The PRO membership is the kind of resource and community I wish I’d had throughout my design career.

A place where you can hang out with like-minded designers, ask questions, get tips, insights and have access to the latest swatchbooks and promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership can be canceled at any time. But, we are sure that you’ll be like most of our PRO members and stay around for years.

All our live events – webinars, Deep Dives and Live [unboxed] – are being recorded so you can revisit a section or listen to a session you have missed at any time.

We like to focus our time and energy on our PRO members – sourcing the latest swatchbooks, creating insightful content, answering their questions and providing an overall amazing PRO membership experience.

So we only invite new members into our community a few times a year.

Get on the waitlist and be the FIRST to know when we re-open.

Our PRO members have access to free swatchbooks from over 60 companies, hot-off the-press promotions, frequent members-only Deep Dive sessions, on-demand webinars from industry experts, PRO Tips, insights and cheat sheets.

We also have a dedicated concierge to answer your printing and paper questions, and exclusive access to our social community.

And let’s not forget… FREE access to our LIVE [unboxed] mini design conference (with more samples)!

Yes, you can join wherever you live. BUT, please be aware that our mill partners typically only ship swatchbooks and promotions within North America.

We are happy to answer your questions. Please email us at [email protected]

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