Creative Brochure Design: Mod Op Postcard Set & Envelope

With its sleek black look, sculptured embossing, and die cuts revealing what appears to be colorful circuitry inside, this piece looks less like a brochure for a high-end marketing firm and more a mysterious artifact from the future. And that’s just the envelope.

Mod Op Postcard Set - PaperSpecs

Though Mod Op’s offerings extend from overall strategic services to video and web-based games, when the marketing company wanted to convey their abilities in a format that “felt premium,” they turned to the look, feel and sense of authority that only print can provide. And in DataGraphic they found a partner that’s been pushing the print envelope for years.

Mod Op Postcard Set - PaperSpecs

And the envelope is an excellent place to begin here. Starting with 122 lb. Black Neenah Plike, DataGraphic added Mod Op’s logo as a sculptured emboss, highlighting it even further with a spot gloss UV coating, then die cutting two round windows in the O’s. These give us a tantalizing glimpse of the contents inside.

Mod Op Postcard Set - PaperSpecs
On the flip side of the envelope are the words “What’s your M.O.” screen printed White, as well as a button & string closure – my absolute favorite – which holds everything closed.

Mod Op Postcard Set - PaperSpecs

In a move that communicates a keen eye for detail, the buttons are not only made from the same Plike paper, but the right flap of the envelope has also been folded over and glued to create a double-thick flap that also happens to conceal the rivet holding the button in place. Everything here is clearly designed to physically reflect the premium quality of the company’s work.

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Opening the envelope reveals it to be an Iron Cross fold, albeit one where only two of the panels are the same size or shape. The largest panel – the inside front cover – features an honor roll of the company’s biggest clients screen printed in White ink. (For more ways to get creative with the Iron Cross fold, don’t miss our exclusive PRO Tip!)

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Normally I’d spend a little more time drinking in every detail of this piece, if it were not for the gorgeous card staring me in the face from inside.

Deeply sculpture embossed on 100 lb. Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Eggshell Cover are the city names in which Mod Op operates, the company’s website digitally printed in a rich Black below. The embossing area here is exceptionally broad and deep so DataGraphic had to take exceptional care in creating this effect, for which they used a special proprietary mounting technique.

Mod Op Postcard Set - PaperSpecs

Removing this piece from the envelope reveals that it is, in fact, a bi-fold with a short cover. Inside, instead of finding the reverse debossing from the embossing on the cover, I’m met with a digitally printed list of the many services the company provides. How did they circumvent the debossing look? The team at DataGraphic cleverly duplex laminated the embossed outside to another sheet inside that not only hides the bruising but makes for a piece that feels enticingly chunky, furthering the impression that Mod Op is a brand with gravitas.

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Beneath this card are 5 postcards digitally printed on 120 lb. Neenah Classic Crest Solar White Eggshell Cover using an HP Indigo press. Each features a short client case study on the back, complete with a QR code that whisks the recipient to a more in-depth look at that particular project online. As a finishing touch, each postcard features a hot foil stamped Mod Op logo in the top right corner.

Turning the card over reveals photography from that same project, which showcases the breadth and quality of the company’s work. Mod Op aimed to intrigue rather than overwhelm, and succeeded.

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Hot foil stamping brought a distinctive touch of elegance to this piece, but there are so many other ways to get the shimmer and shine of foil. Discover them, as well as the pros and cons of each, in our free Foil Cheat Sheet. Download yours now for a limited time!



Project Details

Title Mod Op Postcard Set Client Self Date November 2020 Design Mod Op
(Creative Director: Dann Sutterby; Production: Mia Park, Majel Montano, Sarah Lamping)
Print DataGraphic Paper Envelope: Neenah Plike 122 lb. Black Cover; Inserts: Neenah Classic Crest Solar 120 lb. White Eggshell Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 6" x 9" Print Quantity 250 Sets Printing Method Envelope: Screen printing (Gloss + White); Inserts: digital Finishing and Binding Envelope: Die cut, score, sculptured emboss; affix button & string closure, fold over, glue; Bi-fold: Sculptured emboss, cut score, fold; Postcards: Foil stamp, collate, trim
  1. Linda 3 years ago

    I’ve been using Datagraphic for 10 years! What a great show piece and video. 🙂

    • Aaron 3 years ago

      We can’t take any credit for DataGraphic’s wonderful work but thank you for the kind words about the video 🙂 !

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