Spectacle on Spectacle


So how do you turn a rectangle into a square? Use triangles of course! The inhouse design team at Conventures, Inc. turns this invitation into a standout piece thanks to a very unusual fold.

The rectangle appears to be printed on a diagonal – six triangular panels surrounding a center square. The bottom two triangles fold up, and the top two triangles fold down to form a parallelogram. Then the remaining left and right triangles fold in gatefold style to form the final square. A glossy circular sticker with the invite message and date holds the folds and RSVP components neatly in place.

I also appreciate that all the copy is positioned right reading so there’s no wasted motion turning the piece to and fro. Another big plus related to the copy: the outer envelope states the title/theme of the event (Spectacle on Spectacle) with a tagline that clearly explains what that is (A special event supporting the Boston Harbor Islands National Park).

The bright colors and featured photography print beautifully on the McCoy Silk Cover and highlight the island’s gorgeous scenery and variety of activities – the whole point of supporting this event.


Project Details

Title Spectacle on Spectacle Client Boston Harbor Island Alliance Date May 2014 Design Conventures, Inc. Print Minuteman Press
Lowell, MA
Paper Sappi McCoy Silk Ultra Bright White Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 6 x 6" Print Quantity 1,000 Production Cost $3,400 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Unusual invitation fold type, use of sticker

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