Pantone Canvas’ Rose-Colored Glasses

Pantone has always existed in a delightfully eccentric world where absolutely everything is filed, sorted and understood solely by color. Earlier this year it unleashed its SkinTone Guide for ensuring a model’s face doesn’t undergo any hue changes from photo shoot to printed page. Now it wants to organize a gallery of your creative work online so others can search it by style, category, and yes, color.

Pantone Canvas, a partnership between Pantone and online talent showcase Behance, is a free creative network whose main selling point is that potential clients can search the entire art and design network by color.

At first glance this seems a pretty cockamamy way to categorize design, but quickly you realize this might actually be one of those tools that we never realized we needed until it came along.

Just imagine how much time this could save when you’re putting together that next blue-background brochure or red-tinged magazine cover. A simple pop-up color bar system at the top of the screen allows you to not just click “blue,” but you can further tweak your search with an additional hue slider.

But we again find ourselves in cockamamy territory because Pantone Canvas does not presently allow you to purchase anything you find through this color search – you have to contact the artist directly and work it out for yourselves.


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