How much can you save by choosing a sheet one grade below?

On average, you can expect 12% savings when you move one grade lower.

So, once you have a sheet in mind, also ask your supplier for a printed sample of the best sheet one grade below and compare.

Mills are known to upgrade the quality of a sheet. Even though it could pass for a No. 1 grade, if the mill has no offering in a No. 2, they will market it below its actual value to complete their offerings. Marketing is everything. And you can reap in the savings.

But, don’t get me wrong, there are times, when only a premium sheet will do. When your piece has a longer livespan and a high end feel, when multiple runs through the press and finishing are required …

How do you know which grade is best for you?
You’re chasing deadlines, answering e-mails and running to the next client meeting. How could you possibly take the time to …

Not to worry, you can easily find the brand or grade that best suits your project and order sample sheets and swatchbooks right here, online, with the click of a button.

We literally chase the paper mills
to make sure our paper database (Did we mention we list more than 4,300 printing papers from over 70 mills?) is the most up-to-date paper resource.

So you always know which grades are available that match your criteria and budget.




Mill consolidations, discontinued paper lines, color changes and updated paper properties can disappoint you and cost you precious time and money.


Stop going through dozens of swatchbooks
to find the right paper for your project. At PaperSpecs Pro, all the information you’ll need to know about more than 4,300 papers is combined in one easily accessible and searchable way. Search by weight, color, finish, brand names … Or dive into any combination of recycled content, FSC, SFI and other eco certifications.

But wait, there is more. You can also receive the latest swatchbooks, order newly released mill promotions and have easy access to in depth paper facts and tips.

Stop chasing paper specifications and do what you do best.

PaperSpecs Pro — your freshest source of paper information, specifications and samples.

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