Deep Dive – How to Entice & Enchant With Embellishments – Replay Now Available

Virtual Event

Watch the Replay Here There’s no question that embellishments – including Foil, Engraving, Embossing and Debossing – can truly add allure to your printed piece. But to really turn heads and attract high-end clients, you need to use them creatively.   Find out how you can turn heads as well when master printer/finisher David Drucker takes us behind the scenes […]

Deep Dive – Sexy & Trending: Dive into the World of Smyth Binding! – Replay Now Available

Virtual Event

Watch the Replay Here From lavish art book to the most modest brochure, nothing can make – or break – your publication as dramatically as your choice of binding. And when it comes to durability, flexibility and creativity, Smyth binding is a technique every designer should have in their toolbox. Discover the many ways you can take full creative advantage […]

Fuel Your Passion for Print Design at PaperSpecs [unboxed] March 14, 2024

Ready to unbox with us? Click the button below at 10am PT to join the event...        JOIN VIA ZOOM          Get Inspired: Discover Paper, Printing, and Finishing Tips and Receive Cutting Edge Samples With all of the focus on digital, as a graphic designer or brand owner with a passion for print you often feel […]

Free Webinar: See. Touch. Have: How Sensory Packaging Makes the Sale

Virtual Event

Designer Kit Hinrichs (Studio Hinrichs) and Jeffrey Hernandez (printing company Classic Color) will show graphic designers how they can use embossing, specialty coatings and other embellishments to boost product sales, even on a limited budget and in short print runs.

Deep Dive – Creating Truly Swoon-Worthy Invitations

Virtual Event

Special Guest: Marc Friedland, Marc Friedland Couture Communications Whether you’re designing invitations for a corporate gathering or a friend’s big day, there are so many ways to ensure your creations not only capture attention but will also be treasured for years to come. Join us as Marc Friedland, designer of everything from the Oscars Envelope to invitations for Oprah Winfrey, reveals […]

Fuel Your Passion for Print Design at PaperSpecs [unboxed] June 13, 2024

Virtual Event

Get Inspired:Discover Creative Inspiration, Invaluable Insights, and Exclusive Print Samples You still have a chance! Registration Ended May 30, but there are a few seats left.Registration closed on May 30th, to allow time for shipping. Due to popular demand, we made a few more tickets available - even though your Print Sample Box won’t arrive until AFTER the event. So, […]

Deep Dive – Giant Size ‘Wow’: Large Format Beyond CMYK

Virtual Event

Special Guests: Jason DeLuca & Michael Voight, swissQprint If you regularly design signage and other big creations, chances are you’ve still only scratched the surface of what large format printing can do today. From neon and extended gamut colors to pieces that look and feel like wood and other materials, get ready to see some oversize miracles – and learn […]

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